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beautiful editions of the world's greatest books

Salome by Oscar Wilde – The Folio Society

The Folio Society are, arguably, at the peak of their powers. Releasing desirable titles in innovate bindings with tremendous new artwork (see the new Philip K. Dick here). However, their … Continue reading

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Gulliver’s Travels – Illustrated by C. E. Brock 1894

There’s no question as to which is the best and most popular of the green cloth bindings: The Peacock edition of Pride and Prejudice. But here is an underrated gem … Continue reading

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The Ingoldsby Legends – Illustrated by Arthur Rackham

A return to those charming green cloth bindings and to the golden age of illustration with Dent’s edition of The Ingoldsby Legends, illustrated by Arthur Rackham. The Ingoldsby Legends is … Continue reading

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Roald Dahl Commemorative Edition

Published in 1991 to commemorate what would have been his 75th Birthday, here is the special limited edition set of the works of the great Roald Dahl. When I recall … Continue reading

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The Fables of Aesop & Abstemious – Roger L’Estrange facsimile edition

Modern facsimile editions of classic volumes are often lavish, spectacular affairs. But older facsimiles can have a special charm of their own. By way of illustration, consider this c.1870 reproduction … Continue reading

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John Donne’s Poems of Love – The Folio Society

Need a handsome, neat and cheap but sophisticated and slightly rakish valentine’s gift? The Folio Society edition of John Donne’s poems of love might fit the bill. John Donne is … Continue reading

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Animal Farm by George Orwell – Illustrated by Ralph Steadman

Here’s a fun* game: matching legendary artists to legendary books. We’ve already seen a couple of volumes that might fit the bill: The Lysistrata illustrated by Picasso & Ralph Steadman’s … Continue reading

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Folio Society Christmas Books

A little on the nose, perhaps, but when you’re stuck for ideas one of these Folio Society Christmas volumes can make a handy gift. A Traveller’s Christmas A nice collection … Continue reading

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The Star of Seville by Lope de Vega [?] – The Gregynog Press

Lope de Vega is a towering literary figure, the Spanish Shakespeare, second only to Cervantes, author of 500 plays. It is understandable, therefore, that they Gregynog Press would produce a … Continue reading

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The Nonesuch Dickens 1937

Printed in 1937/38 the Nonesuch Press edition of the collected works of Charles Dickens is one of the most sought after publications of the author’s work. We’ll explore why that … Continue reading

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