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The Diary of Samuel Pepys – Folio Society Leather Binding 2003

More than a few diaries have been retrieved from the dark recesses of History, bringing to light lives and events from the salacious to the tragic. But no diary is perhaps more celebrated than that kept by Samuel Pepys from 1660 to 1669. Here is the special 2003 Folio Society edition of Pepys’s Diaries.

pepys diary folio society leather

Pepys’s Diaries are almost unique in their breadth, detail and candour. For almost ten years he recorded both the highlights and the mundanities of his life: from the weather to politics, from his idle purchases to his affairs and marital difficulties. His writings have thus proved to be an invaluable resource for historians.

But there is much for the casual reader to enjoy too. Pepys’s frankness about himself and his failings make him an engaging figure. Whilst his depiction of 17th century London is visceral and often surprising.

This special edition of his complete diaries is bound in quarter goatskin with marbled boards. It features the usual Folio Society embellishments: maps, decorated endpapers, gilt and colour to page edges and its typeface is Bembo, a modern revival of a font used by Aldus Manutius.

It comprises of nine volumes of diary with an index and a companion. Some sets are offered without these extra books, so be aware.

Pepys’ Complete Diary, Special edition from £500…

If the complete diaries are too expensive or too large for your tastes, The Folio Society has also produced an edited version comprising of three volumes.

Pepys’ diary edited in three volumes, from £18…


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