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Terry Pratchett’s Discworld – The Unseen Library Edition

Here’s the Unseen Library Editions of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels. A short lived attempt to produce special, collectable copies of these beloved books.
unseen library terry pratchett
These deluxe volumes were published in batches by BCA, starting in 2001, often coinciding with the release of a new Pratchett novel. Bound in quarter leather, with lavish gilt and using high quality paper. The endpapers feature colour maps of Discworld and the covers a tipped in image by Paul Kidby.

At this point we may lose some of you. Great as these volumes are, when one thinks of Discworld art one thinks of the riotous covers designed by the original Pratchett illustrator, Josh Kirby, and I could understand someone favouring the orginal hardbacks. On the other hand, Kidby’s work constitutes brand new art for these novels, which is interesting.

The Unseen Library editions were initially very popular – the run for The Colour of Magic was 7000 copies – but the series ran out of steam with the final release, Maskerade, running to only 3000. Apparently the cost of production was high so the printing error that required Maskerade to be redone may have killed them off. (copies of MASKARADE are naturally very collectable!) Nevertheless, these 18 volumes contain most of Pratchett’s best work in the Discworld universe: Guards! Guards!, Small Gods, Equal Rites etc.

Copies of the more popular novels are often more expensive, yet supplies are plentiful and conditions are often near perfect.

The Unseen Library editions of Discworld, Copies from £20…


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